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  • Had both shoulders replaced three months apart. Surgery and recovery was comfortable. MD and staff were always available and ready to answer questions. Shoulders are pain free with full range of motion.

    ~ Julie Merholtz ~

  • Excellent doctor. I had a reverse shoulder replacement, found he did 95 percent of the reverse in our area, and as I did my research first, I was determined he was the most qualified, and after almost 7 months since the surgery, I am without pain and would highly recommend him for this procedure.

    ~ Mary Hill ~

  • Although surgery isn’t a ride in the park, Dr. H did great job on my L/h shoulder. 2 rotator tears and bicep issues. He explained everything and it all went smoothly. My PT also has been flawless.

    ~ Dan Grimmer ~

  • Dr. Hennigan did both my rotators. I felt so blessed to have this outstanding Dr. do my surgery. To this day, I pray for him and his family. I will never forget the great job he did!

    ~ Nancy Hyska ~

  • Had both shoulders replaced. One anatomical and the other "reverse". Dr. and staff were so helpful, knowledgeable, and confident that I had no qualms about surgeries whatsoever. Excellent Dr. and staff.

    ~ Tim Baier ~

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